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Putting The Pre in Appreciation

Preappreciation is simply changing the timing of when you say thank you. Instead of waiting until the end or after, you simply say thank you in advance. This can act as a reset button for previous experiences and align you right here and now with the person right in front of you. If you think about it, all the stress comes before an event, before a meal or before a party, and praise and appreciation comes way after the party is over and we are on to new things. Imagine a world where we took a moment to see the person right in front of us, acknowledged them, appreciated them, and gave them the best chance to shine.

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This is the type of book that makes you feel happy, uplifted, motivated to be better. It gave me so many ideas of how to make myself and those around me happier. I loved every page of this book!


I say simple brilliance because Tammy Joy Lane immediately captures you with fun incredible stories filled with a wealth of valuable usable information. I found myself downloading cool apps and changing my actions and thoughts about appreciation and gratitude. I immediately started sharing the pre-appreciation with all my friends.


Excellent read. The message is loud and clear and SO needed in today’s day and age. What a simple, yet incredible idea the author Tammy challenges us to pre-appreciate those around us and ourselves. Plenty of resources within the book to help trend in the direction of kindness. Definitely worth your time to read. It will uplift yourself and motivate you to uplift others.


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