Clarifying the TIP

I write. delete. write. delete.

I am trying to stay positive because I talk about kindness, and somehow kindness is related to being positive…all the damn time.

So, breathe with me as I break it down and give the world some TIP Clarity…because I am positive. I’m positive that some real bull sh** is going down in the area of tipping.

I’m positive that if I hear one more debate about what we are “Supposed to Tip” when we going to a restaurant I am going to literally freak out.

This is the BASELINE…

If you go to a restaurant and you CANNOT AFFORD(or are too cheap) 20% tip, then stay home.  Warm up your own freezer meal, watch your own TV, and get your own damn side of lemon.

20% is the baseline, its not a request, it’s a not a charity, and it’s not up for debate.

It is the Baseline value of not having to cook your own food, or clean up your own damn dishes.  It is the price you pay for someone to BRING FOOD TO YOUR TABLE.

It is the baseline you pay for people to SERVE YOU.  We are not your servant, we are here to serve you.  So please stop acting like we are beneath you, or less valuable as humans.

If you don’t know what you want, or you’re loud and obnoxious, if you need a side of this and a side of that(all night long), for the LOVE OF GOOD, plan on tipping more than 20%.

You’re not the only customer. You’re not the only person in the world.  You probably NEVER TIP enough to warrant that high expectation/low appreciation attitude that you bring in the door.

I am so tired, of people flipping through their hundreds to tip a one dollar bill…Quit being so cheap.  You want to change the world, leave a crazy big tip!

And for the record…How you tip is a reflection of YOU, not of them.

how you tip.jpg

If a server doesn’t live up to your expectation, is less than charming, slow on the drink refill, or just a plane ass…take this into consideration.

You never know what happened right before you came to their table.

You don’t know the struggles that they are facing. You don’t know that this is their third job to make ends meet.  You don’t know if their life isn’t turning out how they “planned” so this is their back up job, their make ends meet while they bust their ass on a kindness business, trying to make the world better.


Maybe they’re tired, maybe they just got chewed out by the diva customer before you, maybe they just found out they have cancer, maybe they just found out their grandpa died, maybe they just found out their wife is leaving them because she wants someone with a real job, not just someone who is chasing their dream.

You never know why people are they way they are, or what they are hiding behind their smile…or their scowl.

Baseline. 20%. Minimum 5$.  Because there is something about a 5$ tip that makes a big difference.  There is something about a customer that is EASY TO SERVE…and GRATEFUL.

There is something about someone tipping at the beginning instead of the end.  TRY THAT! See if your service improves.  Money Talks. SO if you want exceptional service then pay up.  Stop complaining about the crappy service you get.  It probably means that you are a crappy customer because Like attracts Like.

Tipping is not limited to Restaurants, watch my TEDx Talk for a few ideas on how to tip in a way that makes a difference.

Listen. The point is, how you treat the people who serve you matters.  Seriously though, we are on the same team, we want you to have a positive experience, and you can work on being a little easier to serve.  Let’s work together to make America great again.

Baseline point of this whole thing…be kind, tip good, or stay home.

Love, Peace, Sunshine and Rainbows

Tammy joy Lane Founder of, Soul Ignitionist, Crazy good tipper

Calvary Au