Please See Her

An open letter to everyone at Boston Logan International at 4:30AM Please see Her.

See my little sister, my little sister who is pregnant, carrying my 1 year old nephew in a car seat...and a roll on bag, and a backpack, and a stroller.

Please See Her.

Instead of rushing past her on your way your way wait at the gate, please, pause to ask her if you can help her. She will probably say no, because she is strong like that, but if she does, stay a minute and smile and wave and talk to her son.  

Please See Him

He's a bit over one years old, with a happy heart and a smile that, if you let it, can make your day.  When he smiles at you and waves, please smile back.  Let him be a light along your path.

Please See Them.

Everyone you meet along your way today, is somebody's sister.  Somebody's Mom. Somebody's Son. Their grandma, grandpa, or at least somebody's friend.

As you rush, then wait, then rush, then wait...please notice them.

Smile instead of scowl, if you are happy then please tell your face. If you have opinions and judgements find a way to say them in a helpful way.

The world is still good.  Thank you on advance to whoever it is that will take my sister in, until she is back safelty with her husband.

The world is still good.  I #preappreciate those who can and will make the world better today, because we can.  In small ways, even on our hard days, we still have power to be the light, or blend in and add to the dark.

Your kindness matters. You matter.

You got this!

Tammy Lane Guffey   Sister.Human.Imperfectionist