​Let Kindness Drive Your Business

3 Easy Things You Can Do Today

1. Start noticing people.

When people come into your space look at them, notice them, acknowledge their existence. If you are at work and pass a co-worker try this: "I'm glad you're here today". If you pass by your boss, "Hey, I'm grateful for this job." If a customer comes in, "Thank you for coming in today."

We are all human, everyone is fighting a hard battle that we know nothing about, and a kind word, or comment of encouragement can mean more than you'll know. 

As a customer, most places we go it is out of necessity, if I need a repair on my vehicle, I promise you there are a million other places I would rather spend my money. We need to make it easier for people to spend their money with us. A welcoming face, a smile, and a gracious employee is a great start!

2. Lower your expectations and Increase your Appreciation

Let's be honest, we live in a high expectation/low appreciation world...and it's not just "kids these days" that have this problem. 

We tend to feel like people "owe" us good service no matter how we treat them. We under-appreciate the fact that the employee even showed up today so that we as the consumer can be blessed with a place to purchase the things we need or want.

Please don't even get me started on how we treat each other at home...home life is a breeding ground for high expectation/little or no appreciation. It's easy to fall into the falsehood of "the world owes me" because I am the customer, I am the parent, I am the boss.

Truth is no one owes us anything. Imagine the world where we stopped expecting, and instead were awed and grateful that people even showed up for work. Most people are in the middle of a crisis, just got done with a crisis or are about to be in a crisis. So the mere fact that people show up to serve you is good enough, no one owes us anything. Shift to gratitude, shift to wonder and amazement. See how this changes things for you.

3. When you want to complain...flip it

Would you rather be around someone who is constantly complaining, criticizing everyone, finding "whats wrong with the world"? Or would you choose to be around someone who is easy to be around, finds the good in everything, talks about other peoples strengths and is solution focused?

So this is how you flip a complaint. If you are about to say, "My boss is intolerable." A flip could look like, "I am grateful that I have a boss to complain about." and then stop. This can be done for any complaint, there is always a flip side. If we train our minds to automatically flip to good, we can make a massive impact for good. 

Complaining is simply creating more of what we DO NOT WANT. Flipping it to gratitude allows us to pause, think about what we want and create a new story.

If we are going to shift the world, we are going to have to make Kindness the driving force behind what we do, and not just a novelty once in a while or on birthdays. We can shift to a culture of caring, it is in small ways, simple ways. Start today and watch your life become a more lovely place to live, if we start with us, the world will shift. And like Mother Teresa always said, "If you want to change the world, go home and love your family" (Of course she wasn't married so...easy for her to say) All jokes aside, really, we have the power in small shifts to change things in a big way.

Join me, in reminding people that it matters that they are here, because it does, it matters that YOU are still here.

Tammy Lane Guffey, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Kindness Advocate