Selective Kindness

Selective Listening Kindness  

If you have kids, or have been around kids you know they have selective hearing… Even as grown-ups we have to tune out a lot of what we hear just because there is so much being said that it is at times overwhelming.

I have been accused of being a hypocrite because I’m “not kind all of the time” or because “I yell at my kids” and this is discouraging because I feel like the good I do isn’t as valuable or impactful because I’m not 100% kind all of the time.  Yes! I suffer from a condition called Selective Kindness.

I thought maybe I should take a break from kindness until I could truly be kind from the inside out, so I could have a clear conscious, and know I was actually kind and not “faking it”.

Well I went to the gym and in the Locker Room they had air dryers to dry your hands, and a pledge about their commitment to keeping the world’s pollution down, all good things. When I went out into the gym they had paper towels to clean the weights, I thought to myself, “all the good they’re doing in the locker room and they’re ruining it by having paper towels out here.”  Other gyms that I have been to, have cloths for wiping down the weights, and paper towels in the Locker Room…So everyone has their reasons for the way they choose to be.

Then I thought about life, and how we are all “Selectively Going about Doing Good.”  We probably could stop judging others because they are doing this, but not doing that.  We could probably stop thinking that we have to have it all together to do any good in the world.

Life isn’t about perfection, it’s more about timing, when you have a thought to do some good, please do it.  Even if you’re a hot freaking mess, you can still help others.  Small acts of constant kindness can change your world.  We have to stop and let people live, and breathe, and do the good they selectively do.

The world is hard right now.  It is hard to be human.  It is hard to be a mom, a teenager, a toddler, a grandma, a student, a business owner, unemployed, a manager, a server, an owner, a postal worker, a delivery person, a role model, a MLM distributor, because the expectations are so high and the appreciation is so low.

We live in a HIGH EXPECTION, low appreciation world. BE THE ONE who makes it easy for others to live in this world.  Be Kind, Be Grateful, Be Nice, Say Less, and Do More.  It matters. You matter.  The good you do matters even if it’s selective and you only do the good you like, it is better than nothing.  Choose YOUR good and do it!

Tammy Lane Guffey

(Soldier, Speaker, Mom)