Speak, Love, Stand Up

I'm not worried about the mean people in the world, what worries me is the amount of "nice" and "good" people that stand idly by watching unkind things happen! Who are we to judge anyway.

What we see is a snap shot of someones life, and we are so quick to judge.

May we put aside our own insecurities and help someone in need, and stand up for those who cannot stand, speak for those who have lost their voice, and love people until they can love themselves, find their voice and stand up for themselves.

This Is how we make it #safetobehuman 

I'm inviting all of us to be human. 




REMEMEBER THESE 3 THINGS:               1.Be real.                                                     2.YOU are here for a reason.                         3. you got this!

In a world where you can find anything ...find the good! The good you do matters more than you know. Leave a trail of good behind you- you never know when you'll loop back on the same roads.


Be real, 

Tammy Lane Guffey https://youtu.be/I6OYRG305OY