Be Kind to You

You may or may not have already given up on your new years resolution. Either way, I invite you to recommit and not wait until next year to try again. Be kind to yourself. Know that we all struggle and the struggle is real. Forgive yourself fast, and get back up again.

I grew up being taught how to be kind, how to serve, how to see the needs of others and be brave enough to offer a hand. What I didn't pick up on, was how to be kind to myself. I would give to the point of exhaustion and then find myself alone when I needed help. I didn't know how to effectively reach out and ask for help. I'm grateful for my journey, and this year I embark on the scariest journey of all. The one where I learn to be kind to myself.

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I recently joined a 12 week challenge at Gold's Gym in Ogden. I took before pictures. I stood there, practically naked, nothing to hide all the weight that I have been putting on to protect me all of these years. I blamed the extra weight on my baby...she turned 4 in October. I thought the weight would just take care of itself, like it had for my mom and sisters and so many of my friends.

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Why was it staying with me? How was it serving me? What was I protecting myself from? Am I even asking the right questions? Is it even about weight? Maybe working out isn't about being skinny at all. In the one week that I have been participating in the challenge, I have learned that it is so much more! What is your YOU goal this year? What is your Be Kind to you Plan this year? We give and give and give and feel bad when we receive. So what does being kind to you look like to you? I'm giving you permission to sit down and take some time for yourself and find Kind for you. It could be anything. Less Stress...More Sleep...Picking up a Hobby...Letting go of Stuff that clutters your life...Finding a friend to be your gym can be anything, but it has to be something.

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They gym has been packed lately, and I asked the front desk when the rush would end. He said that by the 3rd week of January most people will give up on their New Years Resolution. Don't let that be you. Your dreams should offend people, and your goals should annoy them. Your kindness matters. The way you show appreciation matters. Your story matters. You're not done yet, so do some good while you're still here. You got this.

Tammy Guffey Founder of #ggchallenge2017 #contest #yestokindness