12/8ths of a mile

I went on a hike, semi-accidentally, in the middle of the night.  It was cold and dark and way longer than I had expected.  It was an adventure race, so there were people behind us and people in front of us. On our way up to the water tower we would ask the folks coming down how long we had, their responses were very discouraging. "You have a long way to go"

"You're not even close"

"Only about two miles"

I finally quit asking because the unknown seemed better-I was barely making it and couldn't add any discouragement (I had enough negativity going on in my own head!) 

When I finally made it to the top I made up my mind that I would be different when I passed others on their struggle up hill.

The first group I passed I cheered them on and told them how close they were.

As I got closer to the bottom and they weren't actually that close-I couldn't lie to them! So I decided to say, you're only 12/8ths of a mile away!

It feels so much closes than a mile and half! Many of them would laugh and it would boost them up to make it up the hill.

When you pass others on your way- do you want them to suffer because you had to suffer?  Or do you make it easier for them because you remember how it feels?  

Kindness challenge for the next two weeks. If you meet someone along the way, use your words to encourage and let them know they are close even if they at  12/8ths of a mile away.

We have power to make the world better one small act of kindness at a time- just one a day- that is all! Use your words to encourage! -Tammy Guffey  yestokindness.com