Pre-Thank You: Real Estate

Have you ever sold a house? Or have you ever had a house up for sale?  Your agent calls and says you have a showing...Yay!!! Right?

No! this is horrible! you have 4-12 hours to clean the entire house, find a place for the kids- dim the lights keep the kids out, and then find a place to go while it is being shown.

So! What if you as the buyer sends a note to the seller(you already know their address!)

Dear Seller: just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for letting us see your house; I know it takes a lot of effort for a good showing and I'm looking forward to it. Sincerely, The Buyer.

How awesome would that be!

Try it!!? Let me know how it goes! Email your story to

apPREciation Matters!!

To be great, be grateful!