Pre-Appreciation Guest Post Tips

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The main thing to remember about Pre-Appreciation idea is that we are using gratitude to shift our thinking from "how can you serve me?" to "how can I make your life Better because we met?" 

Here are a few more ideas (and scripts) on how to incorporate Pre- Thank you into your life on a daily basis.

School: Send a Pre-Appreciation Card to your kids teachers/principals at the beginning of school.

Work: Send a Pre-Appreciation note to the event organizer of a conference or event you're about to attend.

Employers: at the beginning of every day- mingle about your office and tell your employees "I'm glad you're here today- Thanks for showing up."

Association meetings send the guest speaker a Pre-Appreciation note for coming to your meeting. They may be coming on their own dime; a little pre-thank you goes a long way.

Restaurant: Pre-thank your server with a pre-tip and "thank you in advance I know you're going to do a great job."

Hotels: Pre-Appreciate with a pre-tip to your cleaning crew the  first night that you stay instead of just at the end of your stay.

Anyone that helps you with your bags -tip them at the beginning when you first meet instead of he end.

Family: Reunions: send a Pre-Appreciation note to let them know you are grateful for their effort.  People need to know what they do matters. Be the one to spread goodness.

Home life:On your way home from work call ahead to let them know you're almost home- tell them thank you for all they did that day "I know you did a lot of things today that I probably won't notice- so I just wanted to say thank you in advance."

Ecclesiastical Leaders: send them a random note in the mail to say thank you- their calling matters. 

Any person that you can think of that has a thankless job- be the one that thanks them and shows pre-appreciation.

Gratitute matters.

It's more than a feeling or words, it's action!

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