Don't ruin the waterhole

In my body flow class last week the lady said: every day

every body

is different.

Do what you can.

Some days it's easier to serve more, and some days all you can do is stay alive.

Both are okay.

On any day- whatever you have to give is enough if you give all you have.

What I'm proposing is not okay- is to poison the water hole.

Let's say that the waterhole is where anyone can go to get the help they need, at any given time.

Some go to give and when needed some go to get.

The problem is that they're are some people who sit at the water hole and poison it with judgment, lack of compassion, and utter disregard to what it feels like to need more help that others.

They judge on who gets what.

How many meals you get help with after surgery.

They criticize you for not pre-planning your emergencies and putting people out.

The problem is that there are people that want to and will help- they just stopped going to the waterhole because few have poisoned it.

So, think for a moment - do you go to the waterhole when you need help- or do you avoid it at all costs because you have bad feelings about asking for, receiving and giving help.

Do you only go there to give and shun others who try to give back to you?

Have you learned that to be a gracious acceptor of kindness is one of the highest form of giving.

If you are asked to help-                and you can't- it's okay-                Try saying  today I can't but please ask me next time.

Just please stop standing there poisoning it for those who really do want to and can help.

Also be open to the idea that in serving someone the answers to your own prayers can be answered- and by "letting" someone serve you- their answer to their prayer could be answered.

It's not always about you and your agenda and your calling and your to do list.

And we must always of course remember that no one is perfect - look here I am judging the judgers!

Bless you as you go about doing good.