Gossip for Good


I have these two sisters and we are always trying to help each other to stop gossiping.

We've tried: 

Cold turkey stopping gossip


Sucking in while you gossip so at least you'll be have a flat stomach at the end


Holding your breath while you gossip


And just frankly stopping because we feel like crap when we're done!

But it's so hard. 

It's so easy to repeat repeat repeat the crappy things that happen to me- it's so easy to share my story to get validation that I'm right and she was wrong.

Or sometimes just to say, "this was not okay-right?"

So one day my friend came over and she just "had to vent" so I listen- and I noticed the pile of laundry crying out for some of the attention I was giving her.

So I folded. And she talked. And I nodded and agreed that she was right. 

At the end- all my laundry was folded!

It made me fall in love with gossip


Usually when gossip is going on at least one of the people involved is mad...so capture that, and channel it for good.

My #newgossiprule

I will not gossip unless I am serving someone, cleaning in some capacity or otherwise making the world a better place because I was there...gossiping and all.

No one is perfect.

So if you gotta be imperfect match that up with doing some good in the world!

Laundry. Dishes. There is an endless supply- take turns gossiping at each others house- so that all the trash you're talking on your husband at least benefits him in some way.

Bless be blessed.