I forgot.  I said I would never forget.

And I did.

I didn't keep my promise to help other moms - because I forgot how hard it was.

Tonight I remember - I'm sitting here rocking my friends baby- because she is at the ER post surgery. 

Remembering the nights of waking up every hour of the night- and the only thing that will sooth them is walk rocking- not sitting or laying...upright walking.

 Also, thinking of all the moms who stayed up with my babies- when I needed more help than I could ever ask for- when I was dying, sleep deprived, dehydrated and starving.

When the ER doctors asked me if my husband was feeding me anti-freeze (he wasn't) but if you're starving, sleep deprived and dehydrated your blood panel is the same...

Motherhood was killing me.

My mom had 10 kids and she made it look easy. She never yelled, she never freaked out(except the occasional chasing my brothers with spoons) I didn't know it would be this hard.

It's reminds me of yoga, the preciceness of the pose; moving your body in ways it's debatable if it should move that way-and THEN they want you to breathe! On top of it all...don't forget to breathe.πŸ˜€πŸ™„

I couldn't breathe. I couldn't sleep. After I got my two tiny babies to bed I would stay up as long as I could because if I went to bed...tomorrow would come.

And that was just to much.

I remember my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day -"a hotel by myself-no kids no phone nothing just me and a room I don't have to clean" 

I don't know what happened there I think I got a vacuum instead 😜

So! Back to Adopt-a-Mom!!


I know that there are so many ladies that want to have kids and can't. 

I am offering you the idea to adopt-a-mom.

There is someone that lives near you that you could literally save her life- by befriending her, offering to help her, loving her kids, loving her- instead of being hurt/mad/jealous she keeps having kids(and complains about it) when you would kill for what she complains about! 

Life sucks sometimes and it's not fair-and it's not always KumBa-Ya by the fire- 

I know there are a lot of depressed women out there who can't find their purpose-instead of looking for it soul searching-I invite you to adopt-a-mom and show up in someone's live who needs more help than they could ever ask for. Find your purpose by doing-not by thinking and planning.

I know there are a lot of empty nesters out there that are sad and lonely, maybe even bored-I invite you to reach out and find a way to adopt-a-mom in any way that works for you. 

It can be Small. Simple. Time. Money. Energy. A kind note. A Smile. Acknowledgment that it gets better! (Why do people keep saying it gets worse!!-not helpful to someone standing on the edge ready to jump) 

Be encouraging not discouraging.

On your way to the temple-serve someone.

On your way to the store call and ask them if they need anything from the store.

On your way into town see if they need any errands run.

Leave a 5$ bill taped to her front door or heck a $50.

In church sit up front so she can sit in the back with her kids.

Sit in the middle so she can sit on the edges.

And MomS!!!!!!! Say yes- when someone offers you kindness say YES! Even if it doesn't look exactly perfect - say yes. And be grateful- be great ful be full of great!

You're almost there - you only have 16/8ths of a mile.

And on your darkest days- here is a song made special for you

A song for you-today is not your last day.  ^^blue font color means it's a link click on it^^

Make it one more day at a time. You got this.