Making kindness common 


What if kindness were common?   What if you could count on running into someone kind everyday instead of being surprised when someone is kind.

Wouldn't it be so much easier to go out in public- if kindness were common?

Have you ever heard of the word-Quotidian? Tonight is the first night I had- after I googled a synonym for daily

If my husband comes home and is very nice or goes out of his way to be helpful and kind-I usually say to him "what do you want?" Or..."what did you do!" And he does the same for me!

If a stranger or a salesman is very kind I usually wonder, "what do they want?"

Our society today has so many strings attached to kindness that we are basically ruining it altogether.

Kindness has become so uncommon.

What if we could spend more time doing good - and sharing it.

What if we could develop a habit of kindness to where we could do it without thinking or second guessing.

If a thought came in our head to do good- then automatically we did it.

For the next little while I'm going to post Quotidian Kindness Ideas and I hope that you take them on- the world is hurting- everyone could use a dose of kindness.

Kindness is a just like a muscle the more you use it the better it works. 

Bless you as you go about doing good! 

Tammy 1983-20;

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