Airing Dirty Laundry 


Is the air you breathe yours? Is the air I breathe mine?

Is it only mine when it's inside of me- when I exhale do I still have claim to that same air?

Have you ever shared something personal that is going on in your own life - and then get in trouble for "airing dirty laundry?"

Whose story is it anyway?

Are you to keep quiet about your story so you don't offend anyone else?  Do you get permission to 'share the air' if it was yours at one time?

Is it intent that matters?

Is it vindictive to speak your truth if it brings others 'mistakes' to light?

I remember one time laying by my first husband- I didn't want to breathe because it was to loud. I would try to sink my breath with his. I never wanted to breathe to loudly.

Does anyone else have trouble breathing with all they are keeping inside?  Have you stopped taking deep breaths because you're afraid to take up to much air. 

My intent in 'airing dirty laundry' is to bring AIR to wet,moldy things- if you hang up a towel and let it dry out- it can be easily washed and dried and put away.

If you have a wet towel and you throw it in a corner and pretend it's not there -then that brings with it more issues- it's not how I choose to live my life anymore.

If you have anything hiding in your corners causing mold and internal destruction- give it air. Air it out. Breathe- you're not that cool that you're the only one with that issue.

Give it air- and give others permission to breathe.  You don't have to hide it anymore. It's your story too.  It's your life too. You don't have to protect the lie, the pain, the "sin" - you are not your past.

You can let it go- and move on- and whoever is the other side of your story can too-

No one is perfect. 

You don't have to be what you once did- if it was yesterday -8 years ago or 41 years ago- find it air it out- wash it and move on.

You have permission to breathe. This is your air too.