CRAK Daily #108


CRAK Daily #108 (Commit Random Acts of Kindness) Ask your family what love looks like to them. 

Often I will ask my little ones "what can I do today to show you I love you?" The response with out fail is the same- "Don't yell at us mommy" 

I used to hide the fact that this is one of my major issues- but then yesterday I saw this

If you notice the shares on the bottom -167 people at least! Have the same problem or they wouldn't care to share it!

My babysitter came over to help with the kids one day and my 3 year old looks up to me and says, "Mommy, how come you are so nice to her but mean to us?" Not something I ever imagined hearing from my baby.

I know I love my family- but do they know it?

You know you love your family-but do they know it?

Today! Ask your family what love looks like to them- and try to be a little softer on the ones closest to you. They may have to love you because they are family but someday when they have a choice they will choose to remove themselves from "the yelling" or whatever issue you have that breaks their heart.

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