My hands were in her kids mouth

I was flossing my step-daughters teeth, my hands were literally inside her mouth- and I had the strangest thought, --I'm glad I like your mom--I paused and smiled because now after 7 years of complete and utter mass destruction I can say that I like my husbands ex-wife. (This doesn't mean we don't still have issues!) Just a quick note to all the 'Real Moms' out there- I know there are issues and your ex-husbands new wife is probably a beast- but hear me out.

She is the one flossing your kids teeth at night while their dad watches ESPN.

Wouldn't it make sense to befriend this woman who is inside your kids mouth!?

I'm just saying- when I get divorced his new wife will be #1 on my list of people to befriend.

It's easier for someone to love the acorn if they at least like the tree...I'm not going to lie- my quality of my relationship with my step daughter has improved because her mom and I "get along" we're not perfect but when we have issues they are shorter and met with more compassion and more forgiveness.

The kids are the ones who pay for your need to be "right" your need to "have their dad suffer" the rest of his life. 

The only way to win after divorce is to let go- just breath. 

Remember everyone is only human. 

And when you floss tonight remember who is flossing your babies teeth and be grateful.


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