Kindness ROI 


When I started my speaking journey- just over a year ago- I had no idea what my message would be.  I just knew I was born to speak.

In my naïveté I chose the topic of hard could that be! Ha!

Many many seasoned speaking professionals told me that "no one pays for kindness" and in my head I'm thinking - well we all pay for unkindness!

In Arizona in July a few weeks ago I attended a National Speakers Association conference 'Influence 2016' and like I knew it would it changed my life. (If you would like more information about this amazing organization feel free to Email me -subject line NSA)

I was in the elevator headed back to my room, the door closed as they sometimes do, and as it did I noticed someone running towards the elevator reaching out to catch it.

Naturally, I pushed the button to open the door, it took a second but finally it opened and she was so grateful that I had made the effort to let her on.

We started talking like sometimes speakers do, and I found out she hosted a radio show in Canada and she was flying out today and was only there for the day and was not staying for the entire conference.

I told her of the PreThankYou idea about how its a movement to show apPreciaton before something takes place. 

Pre Thank you Blog <<you can read about it here. She loved it! She gave me her email and said she wanted me to be on her radio show-  just last night I got this email from her!

So, if you ever feel like your kindness doesn't matter- just know that it does! 

Be kind with no intent for reward but when it comes back embrace it like your life depends on it!

Kindness is needed more now than ever, at home, in neighborhoods,  in schools, in churches, and especially in the workplace.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Thanks Stephanie Staples, CSP for making my day!

Here is a link to check out the amazing things she is doing - and a link to buy her book-

Click to buy her book 'When Enlightening Strikes'

Kindness Matters. You Matter. Your Kindness Matters.

Bless you as you go about doing good.

Tammy 🙃

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The late great Wayne Dyer once said over and over that "Kindness given or received OR witnessed raises the vibration of all" if you have a story of how kindness has changed your life please email it to or mail your story to attn:TammyGuffey                        3775 Orchard Avenue  Suite A             South Ogden, UT 84403.