Does your family fly first class?

Have you ever been on a flight and out of the blue you get upgraded to first class? How did that feel? If it has never happened how do you imagine that it would feel?

Here is another question- have you ever flown stand-by? 

This is where you either work at the airline or know somebody who does-you get a discounted rate in hopes that there will be enough seats left over and you get one.

So now let me ask you this- in your life- does your family fly first class or stand-by?

My husband let me know yesterday that he had been bumped to stand-by when I made plans over plans we already had.

He went on to say that I got a better offer so I ditched the family! Wow this was hard to hear! But oh so true a lot of the time!

Later that day we were driving and I looked over to him and said, "Let's change the world want to?"

And he said, "yes, let's start with our family then our street then our city then state and see how that goes"

Sometimes it's the hardest to be nice to those closest to us- I have heard it said that we are meanest to them because they have to love us- they know us at our worst still have to love us.

What if as a world we could shift that- and put our family in first class and off the stand-by list.

What if we could Keep Them with Kindness- small acts of kindness to show our kids they are first class.  We know that we love them- but do they know it?

One of the things that my kids need from me to feel loved is for me not to yell- how do I know this- I ask them- often- hoping their answer will change but consistently it's the same.

If you wonder what your family needs to feel loved - ask them!

Don't read a book- listen to them.

So I'm asking you now, "Let's change the world- want to?"

Let's start with our family, then street, then neighborhood etc

I can't wait to hear your stories of how you upgrade your family to first class!!Post them below, or email them to subject family first class

Bless you as you go about doing good.