Are you a customer or an Asstomer?

We went to the drive-ins, my husband, sister, and her husband...and five kids.   I haven't been in years... 16 to be exact. I went on a date with my first husband and all I could remember about the movie was that it was about a was Shrek! Obviously way to much making out going on and not enough watching of the movie.

We plan on taking the truck down early then coming home eating and then going husband and sister take two cars to drop one off and come back later with both cars.

Rule #1 of Drive-inn- no drop offs

So we hurry and eat and grab snacks and leave we cram in the truck and arrive in a good amount of time.

I see signs all Over that say, "big trucks be courteous and park in the back" 

My husband pulls right up 2nd row perfect view. Over comes a teenage boy with flashlight similar to the ones that direct airplanes in and informes us that trucks have to park next to the red poles...

Rule #2 park by red if you're a truck and white if you're a car

My husband lets call him Mike for short- gives the kid attitude and finally moves to a red pole. Kids get out and are getting settled in and over comes teenage boy #2 let's call him Zack for short.

Zack tells Mike that he needs to hug either pole because two cars need to fit inbetween each set of poles. 

Rule #3- park as close as you can to a pole

Mike is livid- he can't get over the fact that he needs to move again. He didn't move-I got in the truck to move and of course he would not let it go.

After that we began watching the boys tell grown men to move for various reasons- and observed their reactions.

In my head I was thinking "they could avoid so many issues by saying, "if you're a truck park by a red pole and hug one side so two cars can fit between the set of poles"

Husband was taking kids potty  and Zack the teenager walked by- I called him over and asked him his name- he got suspicious and asked why, "is this a hard job or is it okay?" He replied, "it's only hard if people make it hard" we told him he was doing good and Apologized for our previous encounter...s.

A few days later I say to my husband, " you need to apologize for how you acted at the drive-in and tell Zack sorry" he went off to say he is the customer and he was right- I looked at him and said! You aren't the customer you are the Asstomer!

We both laughed!

But really! Have you ever found yourself being an asstomer instead of a customer?

Most people do not get paid enough to deal with your ignorance and high levels of expectations.

Next time you are in a situation ask yourself- would I want me as a customer?

Let's be easy to please, slow to anger, quick to forgive when things go "wrong". 

The person behind the counter has a whole life full of issues that you will never know about- don't be 'that guy'. 

Leave the world better because you were there.

If you can't be nice at least just keep the a-hole in your head.

Yes you have permission to be an a-hole! Just keep it in your head!

Bless be blessed- 

Tammy 1983-20;

If you have a story how you wanted do be an Asstomer but you chose to keep the A-hole in your head please email it to