i always think of you when...

image I called my friend last night on my way home from north salt lake- passing bountiful is when I think of her. Even though she moved away a long time ago I have a sweet memories of her there-so I always think of her...when I'm in bountiful.

One day I had a box of baby wipes in my car that had just come from Amazon- as I passed my friends house I thought maybe it could make her day to have a box of wipes show up on her door.  She had recently had a baby- and I remembered how hard those days were.

She called me up one day and said! "I always think of you...when I wipe my babies butt!  Thank you so much for the box of wipes that was so sweet."💩

I thought that was such an interesting way to be remembered but felt grateful that she was grateful and remembered me often.

Since this experience I am always asking myself "when will people think of me"

Instead of getting wrapped up in "what will people think of me" I love to know "when they think of me".

I recently attended a conference and my friend mentioned how lovely my lanyard was- i took it off and gave it to her.

I got this text from her yesterday:


I'm so happy she shared this is me! What an awesome friend to let me know!

Challenge for you is to call someone and let them know when you think of them- let them know they have made a positive impact on your life and share with them "WHEN" you think of them!

We share negativity so easily! Let's share the good!!

Bless and be blessed(action not words)



if you have a story of how kindness has changed your life please email it to yestokindness@gmail.com- kindness given/witnessed/or received changes the lives of all.