RSVP the first PRE-Thank You

Recently I heard of a family that was having a family reunion- the few in charge found this amazing program to track who was coming and was not.

The response they got was astounding! Out of the 200 (ish) people that they sent the invitation out to- less than 20 responded with a yes or no.

Why does this matter?

To the few planning the reunion this was very discouraging-it takes a lot of effort to plan and prepare this kind of event (or any event really) and it is nice to know people care and can come and if they can't then let someone know.

It's funny because I am not the best at RSVP- I usually don't want to commit one way or the other and "they" should be happy if I come at all- wow

The good news!

I can change- I can learn and grow and be better, and you can too.

Try it! RSVP the next time you're invited somewhere and let me know how it goes!!!

ApPREciation goes a long way! You could even send them a pre-thank you note before the event to say thank you for all they do- wouldn't that be a nice surprise!

Bless be blessed,