Pre-Thank You.


What if there were a way to start things out on the right foot- every time. Every interaction.

Every event attended.

Every customer service interaction.

By using these 3 words...

Pre- Thank You

Here are some examples of what a A PRE-Thank You could look like:

At anytime or anyplace for any interaction looks like: a compliment- a sincere genuine compliment.

This will show apPREciation for someone's existence-take the time to notice the people around you. They are there for a reason, it's not always about you and your life and your agenda. 

A PRE-Thank You for events attended looks like an RSVP- a note in the mail or at least an email letting the organizer know that what they are doing matters and is apPREciated.  

If the event has a guest speaker it could look like sending them a PRE-Thank You for coming and that you know it takes extra effort and you are apPREciative.

A PRE-Thank You for a customer service interaction could look like taking donuts into the dealership where you are taking your car to get fixed. 

It could look like tipping the bellhop as soon as they come to your room and get your bags instead of at the end.

To a nurse - simply say thank you as soon as you arrive at the hospital. (I recently told an emergency room nurse thank you - and she said not one patient had ever told her thank you in 18 years of being a nurse)😥💔

The whole idea is PRE PRE PRE before apPREciation above and beyond the payment for service.

What are some of the ideas you have for apPREciation? Email them to

We have so much power to do good with our words. If you think something good make sure it comes out your mouth.

You never know what is going on in someone's life- I hope you will try out the PRE-Thank You idea and add to it to make it better.

Gratitude is more that a thought, or a feeling- it's action. 

Bless you as you go about doing good.

Tammy 1983-20;