Disconnect to Connect

I was driving home from the beach (well my daughter informed me it wasn't the beach because there were toooo many rocks!)  A little back story- we went to Idaho Falls and met my friend at this awesome little lake and played in the sand and went paddle boarding and it was so fun- so driving home I told them that if they helped me clean the house we could go buy buckets and shovels and goggles then go to the beach! 

(No offense to them but their track record of "helping" me clean I was sure that we wouldn't finished in in time-or ever- and we wouldn't 'have to' go to the beach) 

Wow- awesome mom job of setting my kids up for failure! 

So we get home and they are right on it- cleaning, putting away, laundry all of it.

We finish (ish- is the housework ever done done???) way better than I expected so we head to Walmart then stop by grandma and grandpas to see if they want to go to the beach at 8 pm! 

(I was outnumbered!!!)

Luckily Aunt Erynn wanted to go- 

We drive to pine view and ^^ this is how beautiful it is! It's calm and peaceful and the kids are so happy- they jump right in and play and play!

Back to the real point-(that wAs a long back story!!)

We're driving home- and this is usually when I call people- my kids either watch a movie or have their iPads- and I call people- it's what I do

Two of the three girls were asleep and I have this crazy idea to actually talk to my child while we drive so I ask my 4 year  "what can I do to be a better mom" right way with out even thinking she said, "stop yelling"

Is that all? What about my phone- do I spend to much time on it(this had been mentioned before a few weeks ago...by my 3 year old-husband several times and my sister last week)

"Yes- you are always on your phone you never play with us"

It just made me think of all the books and blogs and websites I had read on how to be a good mom- and I had never thought to just ask my kids.

^^ this is your challenge for the week! Let me know how it goes!!

So I have been thinking about it- and what I can do and I have been thinking about the olden days (1990-2000) before we had cell phones and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, iPads, play stations, big screens, mobile devices...devices 

I mean if there was an AA group for Facebook I could lead the group! I wake up in he night to help my kids and I check Facebook- first thing in the morning I reach for my phone. It's adiculous (addicting and rediculous) 

Everyone keeps saying this is the best time of my kids life- so I'm going to take a leap and disconnect

No Facebook. No LinkedIn. No Smartphone. No Instagram.

Yes To Tea Time.

Yes to Beaches at Sunset

Yes to Dress Up

Yes to talking to my kids in the car instead of talking to "everyone else"

Extreme. Maybe.

House phone with a cord-I'm trying it- after I find one in the historical museum.

Sometimes you have to be extreme.

Right now I'm going to be extreme.

Of course I will still have my email

Yestokindness@gmail.com (please send stories of how kindness has changed your life)

Suicidefails@gmail.com (this project documents real people who have been in the debts of hell and made it out alive - please share your story to save a life)

The real question is - can I run a business without all of these "connections"- I dunno we shall see!

#disconnect2connect #kindathome

Bless you as you go about doing good!!!