Fixed to sell...


Why do we always make our house awesome right before we sell it? 

Almost two years ago we had our realtor walk through our house and gave us a list of things to do before we listed our house for sale.

  • Paint the porch
  • New drain in laundry room
  • Laundry room floor

Are a few I can remember- we ended up fixing all the things that bugged us the entire time we lived there- and by the time we were done we had fallen in love with the place! Our place!

And it was all less than $2,000 to fix everything...

Fast forward to this time around (we ended up renting it out for a year instead of selling it) we put new fence up front added gravel to the dirt area RV pad (we as in my husband - because I am out of town on my yearly I need a break trip---I use the term yearly very loosely )

As he is sending me pictures I am falling in love again with the dumb house--thinking

"How many people live their entire life with a list of things to do on their house and don't do it until the month they decide to sell it!?"

Why do we give our best right before it's ready to sell.

What if you did this for your house-

Make a list of things that bother you..or that you would love to change and start working on it now.

Fall in love with your house while you live there and love there- chances are the things you need fixed aren't that big of deal.

You'd be surprised at how good a new drain for 10$ feels...

Or a fixed screen door that costs $45 to re-screen

Heck! I will come through your house and help you make a plan- 

Maybe it's less clutter

If you don't like something then get rid of it- if you leave an empty space then there is room for what you love!!!

You will be surprised how much energy you have if you stop complaining and make a plan - use your hot air for good!

Make your house ready to sell...and stay!

-Tammy 1983-20;