I have decided that whatever you want to believe you can find the facts to prove yourself right. If you google two opposite questions you can find proof for both.

Experts are spurting out facts and surveys all the time- and then next year the facts are exact opposite of last year.

For example- babies should lay on their tummies -- 

Next year backs- next year tummies

Eggs are bad for you

Eggs are good just not the yolks

I get that with further research that new evidence is found- but back and forth every year!! Come on people!

I even saw that bananas were bad for you...

And who are 'they' anyway!!!

So if you take this logicless idea and apply it in your own life, just start producing.

Start now with less than perfect evidence and start building yourself, anything you and working on and when you know more change. And if things change then it's okay....

Like for example I'm freaked out to be Mormon because I still want to sin- so I don't want to commit until I'm sure I'm done...

This is redic- everyone sins everyday and will until the end of time.

It's like eating- we have to do it everyday- at least 3 time! If eating is part of life and sinning is equal to making a mess- or dirty dishes them here is the good news!

Wash them! All we have do to is wash the dishes- we can wash them right away and it's easy for the food to come off- or we can have them sit in our sink for a week- or frankly we can throw them away. It doesn't matter. It's America. 

Just know you have to eat- and deal with it in a way that works for you.

Truth is you have to eat or you're going to die- unless you have a feeding tube! 

Just decide what you want.

Then go for it.

And be nice along the way- 

Stop spending your whole life trying to convince those you love why you are right...just be.

Just be nice.

Tammy 1983-20;