I'm  so glad it's you

This is part of the Sunday series called, "Taking the ass out of compassion" Topic: Being an awesome customer The recent event that inspired this series was at WinCo where this lady customer was yelling-I mean really yelling at the Checker, "customers always come first, you *%#%...etc etc"

At this point I walked over and said, "no actually some customers aren't worth it..." 

This lady working there, does not make enough to have to deal with "customers" like this. 

So fast forward to yesterday- I drop my 9 year old off a a birthday party that is an hour long. So now I have a hour to run to Lowe's, take the tools home and be back to pick her up.

I got to Lowe's parked in the back of the lot(that is my new fitness plan) and got all the things I needed and a few more that I didn't.

I went to self check out and of course things aren't ringing in, scanner was freezing up, and there were way to many people that needed this one person that was helping all 4 of us.

Let's call her Vesta, mainly because that is her name, I waited semi-patiently for her to help me - I could see my face in the mirror camera thing they have on the checkout stand and I totally looked mean and bugged so I tried to smile.

She finally came over to help me and I asked if she could put in my military discount and she said that at self check out so she has to ring me up-

I put all my bags in my cart and rolled them over to her station- as she was ringing me up the computer froze up- so she had to re ring everything 3 different times- not including the time I had already self checked out...

In my head I'm freaking out -I literally have ran out of time and now have to go pick up my daughter.  This quick trip for a few things was turning out like life- not what I expected! Lol ( I know you all can relate)

On the outside I am smiling and laughing and making technology jokes, encouraging Vesta about how great she is keeping her cool and bummed this is the beginning of her shift. 

She kept saying, "I'm so glad it's you- anyone else and I would have lost my job"

The whole thing was so frustrating and Sooooo not a her problem it was a technology problem.

Luckily my father in law picked up my daughter!! Love him!

I went to Chick-Fil-A (of course during our 30 minute checkout fiasco I had asked her if she likes that place and of course she says she loves it)

I got a meal and took it to Vesta- she wasn't at her station anymore so I found what looked like her boss (they were sitting in a room not doing anything) 

I said to them," can you please give this to Vesta- we just had the biggest technology fiasco and she handled it like a boss"

So why am I telling you this story?

To tell the world how awesome I am?....yes- AND also to inspire you to be awesome to.

There is no reason someone should have to worry about their job because as a customer we cannot keep our cool- if you leave your house- you are probably going to encounter a situation that bugs you or stresses you out...

Choose awesome.

Inspire awesome.

Don't be the ass in compassion.