CRAK Daily (Commit Random Acts of Kindness) #101

Leave the World Better


It doesn't matter where you go, or what you do, think about the trail you leave behind.

When people leave you do they smile because you added to their life?

When you leave the bathroom do you leave it better than you found it, or do you leave your pee on the seat for someone else to deal with?

Do you leave your drink and popcorn behind at the movies because it is someone else's "JOB" to clean up after you...

Do you leave the shopping bags wadded up in balls of stress or do you kindly fold them into tiny flag like shaped triangles?

It doesn't matter what you do, just find some good to do today.

Kindness leaves a sweet taste in the heart of the Giver. the Receiver. and everyone who sees it or hears about it long into the future.  Kindness Matters.  Please email acts of Kindness that you have given or received or witnessed to or mail them to
YESTOKINDNESS.COM  3775 Orchard Avenue South Ogden UT  84403