CRAK Daily(Commit Random Acts of Kindness) Day #84



I've been doing this for brother in law just put a name to it, and even though ignorance was bliss, it is good to be aware of a problem so one can change...

Have you ever tried to do to much in the time allotted?

Today this is what happened.

I told my sister I would take her dinner because she was watching my other sisters toddler while she was having a baby.

I thought I had all the ingredients for shepherds pie...of course I was missing one thing.

So I thought I would make poppy seed chicken instead, but I was missing one item as well. I asked my husband to go to the store.

By now it's about 2 pm I started baking frozen chicken. I pulled out the unthaw I started a salad, cut cucumbers, carrots_(but then I had to peel the entire bag of carrots so they were snack ready)

Two toddlers are "helping" me...

Husband brings back ingredients from the store...Now I have what I need for poppyseed chicken AND shepherds pie...i decide that I might as well kill two birds with one stone and cook tomorrow's dinner today...

(i must have been one of those birds)

I start peeling potatoes... I pull the frozen cooked hamburger meet out of the freezer! (yay one step done)

I start hitting the frozen chunk of beef on the counter to break it up...




The picture does not do justice.

Of course drawers were meat is inside the drawer, under the stove, between my toes Shit

Must stop all other projects and deal with this situation...I yell out, "I can't yell at anyone but run in and say yeah mom can't yell at us"

I proceed to mop my kitchen floor and drawers with baby wipes because,the thought of using a clean rag was just to much...(my floor really was greatful for the attention, as it has been neglected...and by neglected I mean really)

Ok back to potatoes, shredding chicken in the kitchen aid(try this it's amazing) btw! (that means by the way) I never know what computer lingo means so you're welcome.

I get chicken in the disposable pan, open gluten free cream of mushroom soup... I have strain this because soggy in the  can mushrooms...well I'm allergic

Ok whip that with sour cream and a huge squeeze if hidden valley ranch and pour it over the two casserole with corn Chex..then i must melt the butter to glaze on top

Oh crap sheets were peed in last night, run down stairs and start the wash...

Back to kitchen shoot butter went to long, oh well, I'll manage

Glazing an entire cube of butter on top...ok I'll save some butter for the rolls.

Crap,the rolls

Ok adding water to empty spots in the cupcake pan, praying they will raise,faster...why not eh

Ok poppyseed chicken in the 4:36...sister's husband gets home at 5:45 perfect timing

Sara. I wonder how Sara is doing. Call Sara. Invite her for dinner. She Will be here a little after 6...perfect right when we get back from dropping off food to sis...

Cookies , oh those were done first. Thank you papa murpheys for the chocolate chip cookies 🍪...minus the chocolate chips but oh well...

Cookies ✔ Salad ✔ Chicken almost ✔ Cooked carrots ✔

Ready to go....

Shit, the rice

Rice goes under the chicken...its the filler the main staple...

Call sister tell her to start cooking Rice.

Call husband to come help me...I'm cramming. Its 5:45 and the rice isn't even out of the bag.

Rice cooker...shoot I gave that away when I was moving into a motor home..(long story different day)

Crap how I do I cook rice... Call mom Mom doesn't answer(i think...I only call her when I need something)

Google...I definitely only call him when I need something

How to cook rice


Ok I choose 10 minutes ok.

Call Sara say come at 6:30 instead

Husband takes food to sister

Look at living room....oh well no time for fixing that crap, I guess I asked my friend over for dinner not to come judge the cleanliness and organization stress there. I'm excited to see her.

Kids and husbands come back.

Oh wait...before they get back I do a testimonial for my friend Nicole Carpenter who is a speaker for mom's who talks about having to many pots on the fire...🔥

They all help set table, by now I'm cooking hamburger for tomorrows dinner...

Husband ask if we can just eat today's,dinner and not prepare tomorrow's dinner right now.

Potatoes are whipped. And meat is cooking.

Rolls right out of the oven...looking 3 year old pokes her,fingers in them...

Yay mom. I didn't freak least not on the outside...can I get a sticker please?

I quickly prepare a plate for Sara's dad. And send the girls out front to watch for him so we can hand him his food before he leaves...

They must have only heard leaves because,next thing i know They are raking the leaves with the house big deal, it's fine it's just a broom..."mom! This is my new job!"

Yay love it good job sis.

Sara shows up. Dad leaves with out food, it's ok No big deal

Come in for dinner . it was so good.

Izzy says prayer, then liberty wants to pray too...

Thank you for our friend coming over. Please bless mom to be Nice. Thank you for DAD making dinner.

Deep breath. Its's about the same feeling ya get when you carry a baby for 9 months and it comes out looking just like their dad- kinda the,same idea

Oh well no big deal. Smile good job sis

Izzy crying now on my lap eating.

Oh wait earlier liberty says,

Izzy this is good food, there are no yuckies in it....Smile(thank you Mike's ex wife for introducing us to poppyseed chicken)(i just love her)

Food is gone in less that 10 minutes...

But there are tons of leftovers...leftover dishes that is ha ha ha

Ok so back to finishing tomorrow's dinner. Layer it all up


More straining of gluten free cream of mushroom soup...

Can opener will not open cans...yay

Open tomatoe sauce...crap it's paste.

Tomatoe paste, is not the same, but it's ok I'm grateful.

Sara says..."that is why you have to go shopping yourself so you can  get the right thing!"

We both busy up laughing.

I figure it out,and put the sauce and,mashed potatoes on and put the plastic covers on..BAM tomorrow's dinner is done!!


For my family and someone else's family.

If you need dinner tomorrow !! Text me 8018886194 I'll bring it over.  I'm not're probably the only one who read this far into this long A** message anyway.

I got the dishes a little done and Sara and I chatted then we sat down and watched tree house show in I love that show.

I put liberty to bed, with an show okay sweetheart. I rocked Izzy until she fell asleep in my lap, but first she needed her bottle and her sheet.

Yes she is turning 4 this year and she still I goes to bed with a bottle of water.(judge me on this, that would be awesome add it to the list- but that is your list of issues not mine)

She said to me, "are you happy to me?" I said yes baby I'm happy to you. And she said I'm tired and fell asleep in my arms.

I rocked her until I had to p**.

Sara and I planned a day to go to a concert, she told me of how she was moving in March but we're still going to be friends...I was so happy I listened when the thought to invite her to dinner crossed my mind...

Do you listen when the thought crossed your mind?  Do you write it off, pass it off as nonsense.

People. People are dying. They need you, you need them. Not the prefect,clean, fancy you...

They need the messy, crazy, crying you. The up all night you. The hangry you...

Damnit autocorrext stop trying to fix all my words...does anyone know how to shut that sh** off??

You make the biggest impact when you don't plan on it...when it's not scheduled...when it's not convenient.

On my plans today, I wanted to go swimming and hang up my curtains..that is what I had planned,and neither of those got done...but who cares....

I rubbed my sister's feet who just had a baby... My sister brought her baby and our neice over to play...(which by the way she whipped my living room into shape) thank you karlee I wrote a note to my 8th grade teacher whose dad just died We wrote letters to my little brother on his mission Liberty sent a letter to grandma tym Izzy sent one to grandma Guffey Our New neighbor friend came over to play/ watch the girls We made dinner for my sister to lighten her load(we had to eat anyway...double is easy) We had a friend over which helped us and her

I'm going to sleep with dishes in the sink... And laundry in the washer

And it's okay

Because tomorrow is another day, and what matters is listening to that voice that her...text her...invite her over...go to that event,etc etc

Whatever it might be.

Just do it.

Cram your life full of doing good, and you'll change from looking in the rear view mirror in looking back to see the smiles On the faces of the lives you have touched for good.

I'll believe in you until you can believe in yourself...I'll be that person....and you can be that person for me...

Oh wait I almost forgot... At 11:45 pm I take the iPad away so liberty will go to show ha ha ha...and she says, "Mom, can I have the iPad back?" "No honey you have to sleep" "But mom...Jesus wants us to share"

Lol ol ol

And I had to write this tonight because tomorrow never it, do it now.