CRAK Daily(Commit Random Acts of Kindness) Day #83


I aw this house around Halloween time and thought it was hilarious. 

Have you ever been like this?

On one hand you're asking for help but with the other hand you have it up ✋saying stop, do not enter.

Do not enter could be phrases like... "I'm ok" "No, I can figure it out" "I got it" Etc. Etc.

We complain all the time saying we need help...Then someone shows up to help and you slam the proverbial door in their face not enter.

We have to be more clear.

We have to start asking for help in an effective way. If someone needs help, ask them what kind of help they want...and then listen.

If they don't know, be there and be kind.

Its hard. Life is hard. Being kind is hard. We can make it easier on eachother.