CRAK Daily(Commit Random Acts of Kindness) Day #76



Share the good you do. 

I was talking with a friend of mine...and she started out with this.

"I'm not bragging..."

She went on to tell me of a time she showed up early for a baby shower and just started doing the dishes because there were a few in the sink.  She didn't want to offend the hostess but if,it were her she would love it if someone helped out like that....

Awesome story!!

Why do we think its bragging sharing the good we do!!

(i did this for years... I had one friend I would tell and no one else because she would listen and then tell me I'm awesome...anyone else i was worried they would think I was bragging)


It's funny because as a society we soooo easily share gossip and things that are negative and then suddenly we think people will be offended if we share something good they did. Or that we are bragging because we share something Awesome we did...

Does anyone else see this might be the problem?

Try it this week.

Brag on yourself...Share the good. Brag on others...share the good they do.

I want to hear about the good you do today! Post below...

Kindness matters. Your kindness matters.

Here is mine!