Where did my Happy GO?

This is a question that I have been asking myself for years. I thought I was alone in my darkness of self criticism , self loathing, and self destruction.  The past few months have opened my eyes.

I have met hundreds of people that have expressed similar feelings about, "where did my happy go?"

Have you ever thought or heard others saying comments like...

"my life isn't what I pictured"

"I feel tricked, they made it look so easy"

"I thought if I was righteous my life would be easier"

You are not alone in you're feelings of what, why, wow...and wondering where did your happy go is a legitimate concern.

When my husband and I separated last year for 7ish months, I had a lot of time on my hands.  I learned new things, I started doing things that made me happy.  Even though my life was crazy and I was in turmoil, I finally felt happy.

When we got back together, I fell back into my unhappy, and of course it was easy to blame him! Ha! He was the only thing I added back into my life...right?

The other night, at the Symphony, by myself in Valentine's weekend, I realized it wasn't him. I realized I had stopped taking the time to do things I love.

It's so easy to get wrapped up in doing for others, and making sure everyone else is fed, and happy...but when is the last time you fed your soul?

You know what it is that makes your heart happy...you just forgot, I am asking you to remember.

The world needs YOU. The world needs YOU HAPPY.  The world needs YOU HAPPY NOW.

You can't wait until your youngest turns 18, so you can leave your husband and then start doing what you love.

He isn't the cause of your unhappiness...and neither are YOU.

Do one thing. Do one thing you LOVE. Do one thing you LOVE this week.

Once a week.

I watched my sister's kids last night while her husband took her on a date. She said, "I need to go on a date once a week...I hope it's you taking me" he said, "well at least you'll have a Babysiiter if I don't" ha ha ha!

Find the fun. Find the funny. Find the funny now.

I'm not saying to you. Just be happy. Just find it inside of you...

I'm saying, your happy is where your heart sings and your soul can breathe...do it. Don't find it, you already know...Just remember.

I want to hear about your happy!! Post the ONE thing you do this week!