CRAK Daily #75

CRAK Daily(Commit Random Acts of Kindness) Day #75


I love going to the Theatre, Musicals, and now the Symphony!  The thing that I never go because I don't have anyone to go with! I saw that the Symphony was celebrating 75 years of Broadway and I bought myself the best seat available! I dressed up in my nicest stretchy pants and snake skin boots and my husband dropped me off at Abravenel Hall.

It was so fun, and I made new friends and after the show I met one of the Soloists and she asked me where I got my glitter! I had it in my purse (of course- who doesn't carry glitter in their purse!?)  I pulled it out and she asked to be gittered up!

I gave her the bottle of glitter, and now we're going to be friends for life!

Start doing what you LOVE. Even if you do it alone, you Will find people along the way.

If you're wondering "where did my happy go?" start one thing you LOVE this week!! I want to hear about your happy!!

Awesome way to say... Yestokindness